FAI Judges

Mr. Norbert Polatschek
Norbert, a plastics engineer by profession, married and father of a 20 year old son is living in the East of Austria. This region named Burgenland is known as “the land of sun” with pannonian climate and flat landscape. He likes to spend time with his family and sports such as running and skiing.
Norbert was involved in RC aerobatics since the early 90ies and is still an active aerobatic pilot in the F3A/A-18 class. He has been judging app. 60 national and international competitions in F3A from 2000 to 2017 and all ECH`s and WCH`s since 2012. Further he officiated as Austria`s Team Manager F3A in 2010 and 2011.
Mr. Jean Yves Castermans
Years in aeromodelling :
Between 36 and 41 years of flying and about 31 years of judging. I’m a “sunday flyer” practicing some rudimental aerobatics but happily I don’t have to score my own flights.
I own a computer shop, mainly oriented to services to small companies and home-workers.
Hobbies :
Strangely enough, one of my hobbies is aero-modeling 😉 but the hobby taking me the more time is ballroom dancing.
Mr. Franscisco Pineiro
Since 1974 I have been active in the amateur radio community, participating in many contests and winning several world championships.
Aeromodelling is my main passion. My first airplane was a Control Line Race in 1981 and ever since I have participated in many RC aerobatic, turbine and helicopter championships.
Aside from that, I like swimming and rowing and I am currently working on creating custom airplane parts with my lathe and milling machines.
Mr. Esa Eirola
Job : Electrical engineer and photographer
Aeromodelling since 1961
F3A since 1973, judge since 2002
4 times Finnish F3A champion
Events as judge :
Five F3A world championships,
Three F3P world championships
One F3A European championship
Several world cup F3A
Hobbies : Photography, bowling and traveling
Mr. Marc Weyenbergh
Aeromodelling since 1970 (free flight)
Radio control since 1980
Retired from car maintenance (garage) as responsible of mechanical workshop.
Hobbies : Aeromodelling, holiday in mobile home, fishing.
Mr. Alan Williams
(Great Britain)
Al. Williams started RC flying in 2011 after a busy career in Project Management. After a club member introduced him to F3A in 2015 he became an active member of the UK F3A association, competing in national competitions and enjoying the challenge of precision aerobatics. In 2019 he started judging at local events and became more focused on judging rather than competing. In 2021 he was appointed as Chief Judge for the UK association and began judging at international events. When not involved with model flying he, and his wife ,travel widely throughout Europe in their camper-van.
Mr. Christian Fuchs
57 years old or young, Graduated engineer of material siences.
Model flying since my 4th year of life. Got the virus from y father.
I started my f3a career 1989 an was 8 years member of the German national team 1993-2001.
Due to business reasons I had to quit in 2001 and started a comeback 2011 in the German F3A roung and the Woldcup till 2015.
2011 I finshed 3rd place in German Championship F3T (jet acromodelling)
2012 I won the German Roung in F3T(S) an got German Champion F3S (jet)
Since 2018 I am national and international judge: 4 times judging German championship (2020, 2021, 2022, 2023) 2 time Woldcup in Lichtenstein (2022 an 2023)
This year I probably will take part in the new german Championship as participant again. I am well prepared flying myself P23 and F23 shedule.
Actually I fly two models from Hua Yang: Epsilon BIP and Interceptor with contra drive from dualsky 3000 MKII.
Mr. Gianluigi Giannoni
Job: Administrative court judge
Aeromodelling since: I was 7 years old
F3A since: 1995, judge since 2005
Events as Judge:
Four F3A World Championships
Three F3A European Championships
Three F3P World Championships, several World Cups
Hobbies: F3F slope flying, flying pylon and combat, reading books, classic music.
Mr. Henny Van Loon
Since 2017 full member of the FAI/CIAM Aerobatic Subcommittee, responsible for F3M.
From 1986 to present President of the Dutch Aerobatic Subcommittee, responsible for all F3A, F3M and F3P competitions and subclasses. Besides this Presidency, my responsibility is Training, Coaching and scheduling all F3A / F3P and F3M Judges in The Netherlands as well as interface to the FAI/CIAM on RC aerobatic matters.
I am responsible for the Aerobatics section of the Dutch national Sporting Code and the translation and interpretation of the CIAM Sporting Code in the Dutch rules..
For that reason I represent The Netherlands as Technical Expert F3A in the yearly “April” CIAM meeting in Paris and Lausanne from 1986 to present.
Part of the Dutch delegation in CIAM meetings in Paris and Lausanne as Technical Expert for RC Aerobatics (F3A and F6 A/B) from 1986 to present.
In the last 41 years I have built an extensive network of relations in the RC Aerobatic community.
Knowing nearly every officer, organizer and participant personally with in-depth knowledge of the in and outs of the Sport and his rules. Involved in the creation and realization of many of these rules, most of the time in close cooperation and consulting the F3A Subcommittee president.
I am known as a team player and consistent judge and jury member.
Mr. Roland Galley
I am 68 years old, married and have three adult children,
grandfather of two little girls aged 11 and 7.
I have been practicing aeromodelling for more than 56 years, since elementary school, thanks to my teacher of the time. Today, I still fly for fun, plane and helicopter.
My son Emilien is F3M contest pilot at European level and I often accompany him in some events. I also judge F3A-F3M-F3P (FAI) and I am an active member of my club (GMR Gruyère).
Professionally, I manage a part-time IT services company in the Lausanne region. For the other half, I’m a municipal councillor in my municipality.

Reserve FAI Judges

Kjell-Tore Pettersen

On site

I have worked at Toyota. My hobby is modelairplane F3A. I start compete F3A in 1980. I am still flying F3A in Norway and Brasil.
I am 3 times Norwegian Champion, 2. places in Nordic Championship and 1 time Brasilien Champion.
I am flying P25 and F25 and I judge compete in Norway and the last Nordic championship in Norway
Mr. Edward Wojciechowski

At home

I have been involved in aircraft modelling since 1958, being a member of the Polish Aero Club. I first participated in the F3A World Championship in 2003 as a spectator. In 2005 I was in France as an assistant to the Polish judge. Since 2006 I have been an FAI international judge in the category of remotely controlled aerobatic models. Since then, I have refereed many international competitions, including F3P World Championships (France and Poland), F3A World Cups (Austria, Czech Republic, Lithuania and Poland), F3M European Cups (Czech Republic and Poland) and many national and international competitions.
I am an electrical and electronics engineer and a pensioner for 6 years.
Mr. Michel Doucy

only as replacement of belgian judge

Welding teacher for factories’s workers.
Aeromodeling since 1970, Belgium champion serie 2 in 1990.
Judging since 1995, FAI judge (F3A, F3M) in 1997