Mr. Gérard Wérion Event & Contest Director
Mr. Yves Van Gompel Flightline Director 1
Mr. Alain Laruelle Flightline Director 2
Mr. Roland Poidevin Computation
Mr. Michel Van   Daily newsletter
Mr. Jean-Michel Coulon Webmaster
Mr. Charles Gouttière Infrastructure
Mr. Michel Lechat Infrastructure
Mr. Serge Hebrant Infrastructure

(Mr Thibaut Wérion)


TiBoCo is an innovative, committed and local project using traditional and modern processes inspired by the world and broadcast during catering events, workshops or in delicatessens.
Its goal is to create culinary experiences, close ties and reconnect with know-how at home through everything homemade.

Mr. Jean Philippe Louis Catering
Mr. Stéphane Mary Catering