FAI Jury

Mr. Peter Uhlig


Born in 1949, profession teacher and headmaster at a primary school, now retired
Aeromodelling since 1960, precision aerobatic flying since 1965
German “Bundesliga RC I/F3A from 1973 till 2001
German Team member 1992, 1993, 1994, EC 1992 6th individual, 2nd team
German F3A Chairman since 1997
International Judge since 2002, judged nearly all F3A World Cup competitions in Europe and all EC and WC from 2002 to 2016,
since 2017 CIAM F3 Aerobatic Chairman
Jury President at 2017 F3A and F3P Wordl Championships.
Hobbies: Aeromodelling, still flying F3A schedules, music classical and modern, computer,….
Mr. Wolfgang Matt


Aeromedelling since 1965
2 times World Champion and 6 times vice World Champion F3A
5 times European Champion and 4 times vice European Champion F3A
Winner of over 350 International F3A competitions!
Designer of many F3A airplanes: Angelit, Kunzit Citrin, Peridot, Amethyst, Azurit, Beryll, Onyx, Lazulite, Smaragd, Larimar, Diamant, Opal, Rubin, Saphir, Joker, Arrow, Atlas, Super Star etc.
Mr. Pierre Pignot


Nowadays pensioned off, I am an aeromodeler for 67 years, I have been involved in F3A for 55 years.
My judging experience includes 9 world championships (69-73-75-87-93-99-01-15-17) and 8 Europeen championships (76-86-90-92-94-96-98-00). I also judged many other international contests (Salzburg, Bendern, Romilly) and of course many contests in France.
I was the sporting director of the 2005 F3A world championship in Saint Yan and Jury member of the F3A European Championships 2008 in Italy, 2010 in Austria, 2014 in Liechtenstein, 2016 in Germany and World championship 2013 in South Africa. Also three times team manager of the French F3A team. I was the organiser of F3A European Championship in 2012 in France.
I was a member of the subcommittee F3 Radio Control Aerobatics from 1992 to 2017.
Mr. Emil Giezendanner

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Mr. Yves Bourgeois

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